Richmond, VA Pest Control

Premier Pest Control provides essential elimination services to our customers within Richmond, VA. This area is known for the pleasant climate with four seasons and the scenic country landscape. However, these conditions also allow bed bugs, mosquitoes, and termites to thrive. Infestations can put a negative light on outdoor events and gatherings, so make sure to contact our service professionals if you are dealing with any of these common pests. Protect your family, and make sure that your outdoor events are pest-free by taking active steps to ensure that any pests are detected and eliminated from the area.

Bed Bugs in Virginia

Bed bugs are small insects with fat, round bodies, and small heads. However, they also have the ability to bite into human flesh to extract blood for food. This makes them a very distressful presence for people who are looking for tranquility and peace in their homes. Bed bugs also leave behind marks on the skin, and these areas may become infected or itchy. They are common in this area because of the warm and humid climate, and they often infest the home after traveling or moving from one area to another. They will find a way to latch on to suitcases, furniture or items of clothing during the travel. Once they get inside of the home, they build their nests in the lining of mattresses or box-spring supports. They can also hide in areas of the wall or baseboards where tiny cracks allow them to remain undetected until nightfall. Our professionals can locate and eliminate these pests.

Virginia Mosquito Infestations

Mosquitoes are tiny pests that belong to a family of insects that have tubes protruding from their mouths for drawing blood. They are attracted to warm and humid areas where there are still bodies of water, and Richmond has these conditions. They are winged insects that produce large swarms, which are difficult to control or eliminate. In addition, these pests can transmit diseases to humans. Their bites are painful and may swell or itch uncontrollably. If a person receives a mosquito bite that causes a severe reaction, medical attention may be necessary. Our pest-control experts can safely and effectively eliminate mosquito swarms from your Richmond property.

Termite Troubles in Richmond

Termites have bodies that are several millimeters long, and most species do not have wings. They are known for their ability to damage the wood within many different types of buildings. They usually use this material for building nests and as a source of food. They also search for material made from paper, cotton and similar materials for the purposes of building a colony that can support the queen, who may lay up to 10,000 eggs every year. A termite infestation can deteriorate your property value, and the damage is expensive to repair. Termite damage is not included in many insurance policies, so it is extremely important to know how to eliminate these pests before they do serious damage to your home.

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Our services include a variety of identification and elimination techniques for bed bugs, mosquitoes, and termites. We serve the residents and businesses of Richmond, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have about our methods. The comprehensive pest services offered by Premier Pest Control include every aspect of detection and extermination. Contact us for a quote.