Pest Control Keysville, VA

generalKeysville, VA, is known for its longstanding agricultural history and beautiful natural environment. Although this tiny town is gradually growing, its rural background and proximity to unspoiled wilderness mean it's a prime target for some of humanity's biggest pests: Many different species make their homes in the region, but the hornworms, beetles, and aphids that plague the area aren't the only problems.

Dealing With Southern Virginia's Pests

There are numerous nuisance pests around this area. From ants and termites to bed bugs and rodents, wildlife has a way of invading homes and businesses.

What makes Keysville so welcoming to critters? The same environmental characteristics that draw humans to the area attract various vermin. Your pest problem may be related to the following factors:

  • Excessive regional moisture that collects in areas like basements and crawlspaces, which can breed mosquitoes or attract rats.
  • Contact between wooden building materials, such as siding, and the ground, which might provide termites with an easy path into your residence.
  • A temperate climate that many species find favorable.
  • The nearby prevalence of large agricultural installations that offer food sources and shelter for pests.

Homes and businesses stand to lose thousands if they're not careful. In addition to pests eating or otherwise ruining your possessions, food and company stock, vermin can destroy buildings, which makes them much harder to preserve and sell. They also expose you to health risks, like the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

What Can You Do?

External circumstances aren't the only factors that make your home a haven for termites, mice, crickets, cockroaches, fleas, caterpillars, moths, bees and other pests that you'd rather not live with.

Consider Changing Your Ways

Your habits and lifestyle might also play big roles. For instance, if you store food improperly or have a messy, crumb-filled household, then you could be telling insects that you're offering free meals. Some homeowners simply fail to maintain their buildings, which leaves entry points that permit insects to get inside. Others create mosquito breeding grounds through improper lawn maintenance.

One of the biggest positive changes that you can make is adopting a more regular inspection and pest control schedule. If you wait until you notice a problem, then it's too late. When you're able to see a few ants or roaches, it usually means there are countless more lurking nearby. Being proactive is the easiest way to stop infestations in their tracks.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Now that you've decided to do something about your infestation, how should you respond? You may be surprised to know that ecologically responsible pest control is one of the best options.

Just spreading a bunch of poison around won't kill all of your pests. For the benefits to last, you'll have to keep using harsh pesticides. In the process, you'll expose your family, coworkers, and customers to hazardous substances with potentially adverse side effects.

Environmentally friendly control methods focus on more than just removing pests. Instead, they also address the factors that keep them coming back. This creates an environment that simply doesn't attract nuisance species. In addition to being far more effective, these techniques are safer for people, pets, and the Charlotte County ecosystem.

Take Charge of Your Pest Problem

Don't let pests ruin your life. No matter what kind of vermin you face, Premier Pest Control can help you deal with them responsibly. Call 434-253-4122 and book your free quote to learn how our expertise could make your pest problems history.