Farmville, VA Pest Control

Sitting along the Appotomax River, Farmville, Virginia is picturesque with its lush green grass and trees. The warm, humid climate helps the plants to flourish while also attracting some common pests, including mosquitoes, fleas, and flies. If you have a problem with these pests or with others, you'll want to rid yourself of the problem by calling the experts at Premier Pest Control.


Small and wingless, fleas live off of the blood of both animals and humans. They have shiny, reddish-brown bodies that are compressed so that they can move through the fur and hair of their hosts. They are often introduced inside of homes from your pets, making it important that you regularly treat your cats and dogs for fleas. These tiny insects do not lay eggs on their hosts. Instead, they lay them in carpet fibers or upholstery in your home, and flea populations may be difficult to control. In order to rid your home of fleas, you will need to kill both the adult fleas as well as their eggs. If you only kill the adults, the eggs will later hatch, reinfesting your home. It is important for you to get the help of a professional so that you can kill the fleas in all of their developmental stages.


The warmer months in Farmville bring barbecues, outdoor sports and social gatherings in your yard. Unfortunately, mosquitoes love the summer months, and they can carry diseases. You can help to keep mosquitoes at bay by eliminating standing water sources in your yard. You can also treat your lawn so that the mosquitoes are exterminated and are not attracted to your property. It is very important to control mosquitoes because they spread diseases such as Zika, dengue fever, and malaria. You will also then be able to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without worrying about these annoying pests.


Flies are a problem across the U.S., and there are several types that you might encounter. The most common types of flies include the fruit flies, houseflies, and garbage flies. No matter which type of fly that you might be dealing with, all of these insects are known to carry diseases, which can be transmitted to people. Controlling flies requires you to kill not just the adults but also to locate and exterminate their eggs. You'll also need to make certain to keep your home clean, wipe off your counters and take out your garbage promptly to keep flies out of your home.

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The expert technicians at Premier Pest Control can assess your home and locate the pests at their source. We then can exterminate the existing pests and their eggs. In addition to extermination services, we can also help you with your preventative pest control needs so that the pests do not return, allowing you to live in a more comfortable and healthier environment. Call Premier Pest Control today for help with all of your pest control and prevention needs.